Pujiang Xiayang Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly provides rooftop solar photovoltaic power generation systems, LED street lamp lighting projects for households, industrial and commercial users, and solar water supply system solutions for households, industrial and commercial users. By integrating upstream and downstream resources, it provides project consultation, program design, and One-stop service for six major links including project procurement, construction and installation, grid connection support, and monitoring and maintenance.
    As a clean and green power production system, photovoltaic power generation has the following characteristics:
    Sustainability: In the process of power generation, no fossil fuels, water, and air are consumed, only sunlight is needed, and it will not be exhausted;
    Wide range of applications: As long as the ground, water surface, top of buildings and other places that can be irradiated by sunlight, it can be used;
    Green and environmental protection: No extra waste water or waste gas is generated during the power generation process, which protects the environment;
    Long life and simple maintenance: The life of the photovoltaic power generation system is generally more than 25 years. There are almost no moving parts in the system, and there is no wear and tear on the parts during the power generation process. Long component life, low failure rate, simple operation and maintenance;
    Good economic benefits: The system only relies on sunlight to generate electricity, stable electricity production, and various benefits such as self-use, electricity sales, and subsidies ensure good economic benefits.
    Pujiang Xiayang Electronics Co., Ltd. will adhere to the concept of "leading green energy, advocating low-carbon life, sharing blue sky and white clouds", actively serving local construction, and providing users with intelligent, efficient, and high-quality products and services.
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    Actively serve local construction and provide users with intelligent, efficient and high-quality products and services.
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